Andy Ruiz Jr. gets revealing training session from Guillermo

Jimmy Kimmel sent Guillermo to interview and train Andy Ruiz Jr. ahead of his heavyweight rematch with Anthony Joshua.

Andy Ruiz Jr. shocked the boxing world when he defeated Anthony Joshua and won four heavyweight titles in the process. Ruiz is set to defend those titles in a rematch with Joshua scheduled for Dec. 7 but before that, he faced off with Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s Guillermo for a tell-all training session.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! hosted Ruiz in the aftermath of his upset defeat of Joshua. Ruiz talked about his career leading up to the Joshua fight as well as the honor he felt as the first Mexican heavyweight champion.

Boxing fans and casual observers of the sport are now familiar with Andy Ruiz Jr. But there is still a little more to learn about the 30-year-old from California.

And when Jimmy Kimmel wants answers, he sends out Guillermo. The security guard turned sidekick has become the best in late night and his remote pieces continue to be one of Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s best pieces of content.

Guillermo delivered once again, playing a game of “Truth or Punch” with Ruiz.  The bit ultimately revealed just as much about Kimmel’s sidekick as it did about Ruiz.

Ruiz’s personality may not be what sports fans have come to expect from the top heavyweight boxer in the world. But that has only endeared him more to those that follow him. And it’s clear that Ruiz didn’t pull any punches when it came to answering Guillermo’s questions or giving him a small taste of his power.

Luckily for Guillermo, Ruiz didn’t throw any headshots. Doing so may have prevented Guillermo from making the wise decision not to choose between his wife or tequila. Fans of Jimmy Kimmel Live! could probably guess the answer anyway.

We also learned that before becoming a security guard, Guillermo was on the other side of the law. Kimmel and his audience seemed genuinely shocked to hear the beloved Guillermo admit that he stole money from an ATM.

For his part, Ruiz Jr. gave fans plenty of information whether they wanted it or not. The world certainly knows more about the heavyweight champion now than they did before he stepped into the ring with Guillermo.

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Andy Ruiz, Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua II is set for Dec. 7 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. You can expect that Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo will be rooting for Ruiz Jr. and will gladly welcome him back to the show if he defends his titles.

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