Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Guillermo returned to the Oscars with more tequila

The Oscars aren’t complete unless Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live! is on the red carpet.

There are plenty of traditions associated with the Academy Awards. And while this year’s event was without a traditional host, Jimmy Kimmel Live! made sure to keep up its Oscars tradition of sending Guillermo to the red carpet.

Guillermo has found himself at almost every major event since becoming Jimmy Kimmel’s late night sidekick. Earlier this year he was at the Super Bowl and he has become a staple at the NBA Finals. But it is the Academy Awards where Guillermo seems to have the most fun and where celebrities are happiest to see him.

If Guillermo is Kimmel’s sidekick then tequila is Guillermo’s sidekick. He has developed some inventive ways to get his favorite beverage on the red carpet. This year was especially impressive as the flask for 2019 was right at home among the crowd of interviewers and cameras:

It seems like no matter how many years in a row Guillermo shows up with tequila, there are still celebrities shocked to discover it really is alcohol he’s serving. Chadwick Boseman was this year’s winner for most surprised.

The microphone filled with booze was another great idea from the show. It certainly was more appealing than the shoe that Guillermo has used in the past. The purse flask also got a lot of attention on social media Sunday night, with many thinking it actually belonged to Awkwafina. Once again, Jimmy Kimmel tricks everybody.

Guillermo is also developing quite the relationship with Charlize Theron. During one of the actress’ last visits to Jimmy Kimmel Live! she revealed that she and Guillermo made a scene during their kids’ soccer game.

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We will have to wait and see if the “Guillermo Dinero” charity is successful. But if Guillermo keeps turning in quality videos like this trip to the Oscars, then Jimmy Kimmel will have no choice but to #GiveTheManARaise.

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