Seth Meyers hits back at Republicans calling Democrats dumb

Seth Meyers (Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC)
Seth Meyers (Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC) /

Late Night with Seth Meyers used “A Closer Look” to go after Republicans defending President Donald Trump and calling Democrats dumb.

Things are getting a little nastier in Washington, D.C. The impeachment inquiry is bringing out the worst in many lawmakers and as Seth Meyers explained, that is a clear sign of who has the upper hand.

Testimony from ambassador George Sondland acknowledged that there was a quid pro quo offered to Ukraine by President Donald Trump. The testimony of others continues to be damning for the President. Despite all of this, President Trump continues to defend himself by suggesting everyone read the transcript of his call to Ukraine to see that it was “perfect.”

Republicans in the House and the Senate remain steadfast in their support and defense of President Trump. This has been a popular source of comedy for late night shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Late Night with Seth Meyers considering how the excuses and defense strategy seem to change with the wind.

Meyers was back at on Thursday night. In “A Closer Look,” Meyers called out lawmakers like Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John Kennedy. Graham suggested that Sondland was working with Democratic operatives while Kennedy flat-out called Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “dumb.”

Bringing the argument down to intelligence, common sense, and who is dumb is not really the best move for Republicans. Late night comedians have already had it easy mocking GOP policies and procedures during the impeachment inquiry. By calling Speaker Pelosi “dumb,” Senator Kennedy has given Seth Meyers and other comedians the green light to go after anyone for the same thing.

And that is just what Meyers does. He mocks President Trump’s verbal miscues, Senator Graham calling Sondland “Sunderland,” and Senator Kennedy’s accent. If Republicans really want this direction in discourse, that’s fine. They just need to know that people like Seth Meyers are not on their side.

Resorting to insults and half-baked theories rather than legal arguments is just more proof for Meyers that the impeachment inquiry is a disaster for the Republican Party. Republicans know it even if President Trump does not. This is yet another last-ditch effort to disrupt and distract.

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Seth Meyers reminds Republicans of what they may not want to hear: more Americans are in favor of impeachment than not. Ignoring public opinion and disregarding election results is not a good strategy for President Trump and his allies. In fact, you could call it dumb.