Conan O’Brien unveils movie trailer inspired by Ghanaian poster art

Conan O’Brien’s late night horror movie gets a trailer thanks to the talents of one Ghanaian artist.

The art of the movie poster is alive and well in Ghana. That is what Conan O’Brien discovered during the latest edition of “Conan Without Borders.”

O’Brien’s newest travel special aired on Thursday night. Veep actor Sam Richardson accompanied O’Brien to Ghana for another educational and entertaining adventure. The Ghana trip follows previous journeys to Greenland and Australia that have aired this year.

Typical of any trip undertaken by O’Brien, this one featured the late night host familiarizing himself with the local culture. Ghanaian artists are known for their movie posters, often inspired by American films that the artists interpret in their own way regardless of plot.

Movie posters here in the U.S. aren’t exactly what they used to be. Social media and television commercials are much more effective in conveying the stars and story of a movie than a poster hanging in a theater.

Movie trailers are of course the best way to help advertise a movie and familiarize audiences with the project. But what about a trailer for movie inspired by the poster? That was the goal when Conan O’Brien visited one of Ghana’s top poster artists.

It is clear that Jasper the poster artist has a very distinct style. Whether you like it or not, he is going to make your movie into the slasher horror film of the year. Nobody paints a better severed head than Jasper.

Jasper’s style fits right in with the style of Conan. The poster looks like something O’Brien and his team would have cooked up themselves if they wanted the late night show to be a B-movie parody along the lines of War Bus.

The entire bit was vintage Conan O’Brien. Leaning hard into the absurd and bizarre always brings the best results for Conan and is why the show has the most loyal and dedicated fans in late night.

The trailer is perhaps the best fans have seen since the trailer for “The Flaming C.” That move saw O’Brien taking over the superhero genre and featured significantly less blood than Jasper’s edition of “Conan.”

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