Conan O’Brien was not made for Australian Rules Football

Conan O’Brien may be a natural when it comes to comedy but Australian Rules Football is a whole different ball game.

Conan O’Brien has always made the most of his physical talents. He’s just applied those talents and abilities to comedy rather than say, sports. That fact was on full display during his latest “Conan Without Borders” adventures, this time in Australia.

We already watched as O’Brien mastered the art of Australian slang. Having gained an understanding of that part of Australian culture he then tried his hand at one of the country’s most popular sports: Australian Rules Football.

Australian Rules Football is very physical sport that borders on violent. So right off the bat, fans would have a hard time seeing O’Brien excelling at the game like he did playing old timey baseball. But when in  a new country the late night host is always eager to try something new even if it means potentially getting tackled by Australians half his age.

This may be the best example yet of just how nice the Australian people can be. The Sydney Swans seemed to be very delicate with Conan and made sure he was sent back to Los Angeles in one piece. Hopefully the uniform allowed him to get a little sun because O’Brien was looking extra pale in this clip.

So we can take “Australian Rules Football” off this list of things that Conan O’Brien’s 6’4″ body is good for. “Comedy” remains the top of the list and it has served him well in that regard for the past 25 years. This is a fact that O’Brien is very much aware of and uses to his advantage.

While the best parts of “Conan Without Borders” are when the comedian is out engaging with regular people, bits like these are often what make the travel specials so popular. Australians get to see their favorite sport in the spotlight and everyone else gets to learn something about the culture while being entertained by Conan O’Brien.

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Conan continues to air new episodes this week on TBS following the release of the travel special to Austrlia. Where would you want to see Conan O’Brien go next? Let us know in the comments!

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