Jimmy Kimmel finds more proof that President Trump is insane

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel continued to remind his audience that a crazy person is in the White House and running the country.

It looks like Jimmy Kimmel has settled on an angle when it comes to covering Donald Trump: the President of the United States is an insane person. That was Kimmel’s message once again as he recapped developments in the impeachment inquiry and much more.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been right there with other late night television shows in criticizing and mocking President Trump. There has certainly been plenty of material to go around for the five or six shows dedicated to covering Trump.

The impeachment inquiry has brought on a whole new level of Trump jokes. And with them, we’ve seen how the different late night hosts are approaching the story.

Late Night with Seth Meyers has been focused on the abuses of power and attempts to stonewall the investigation by Trump’s White House. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has turned up the heat on those Republicans willing to defend the President at all costs.

Then there is Jimmy Kimmel Live!. ABC’s late night show has tried to show just how abnormal, bizarre, and insane President Trump’s behavior has been in recent weeks.

That was the overall message behind Kimmel’s monologue on Tuesday night. Kimmel covered the impeachment inquiry, President Trump’s weird obsession with dogs, and even DJTJ’s new book.

Kimmel opens up with news that George Sondland changed his testimony as it relates to the quid pro quo President Trump offered Ukraine. It goes along with what Stephen Colbert said recently about the truth being the final option for Team Trump.

It also means that Trump was lying about everything related to the call. But Trump’s dedication to that lie and how many people he implicated along the way is what help convince Kimmel that a crazy person is running the country.

If you want more proof, Kimmel then talked about President Trump’s insecurities and need for praise. According to Kimmel, we are all used to this by now but the comedian still calls it out as “embarrassing.”

Still need more proof? How about Kimmel mocking the President for complaining that a dog got more credit for killing the leader of ISIS than he did. Kimmel adds “Trump vs. a dog” to the long list of feuds the President has started since taking office.

Kimmel adds one more piece of evidence with an excerpt from Donald Trump, Jr.’s book Triggered. Trump Jr.’s defense against accusations that his father is a racist only shows Kimmel that the President is insane.

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Every week President Donald Trump is making it that much easier for Jimmy Kimmel to make his claim that an insane person is running the country. It sounds like more bad news is on the way for the White House, meaning that Trump will be sweating like a dog and Kimmel will be laughing.