Conan O’Brien gets Death Stranding sneak peek from Hideo Kojima

Clueless gamer Conan O’Brien was given an exclusive tour of Hideo Kojima’s office and a sneak peek at Death Stranding.

Conan O’Brien has managed to spin his late night status legend into becoming one of the most connected figures in the video game world. That is the power of his “Clueless Gamer” segments that are now a powerful marketing too for any game. And it’s a power that the creators behind “Death Stranding” wanted to use.

“Death Stranding” is a game that doesn’t need much more hype. The game comes from Hideo Kojima, a gigantic figure in the video game industry. Not many details have been released about “Death Stranding” but that has only made it more appealing to video game fans.

So who in late night can help generate buzz for a video game? None other than Conan O’Brien. He may be the elder statesman when it comes to late night but that is part of the reason his video game content has become some of the most popular bits on Conan.

On Wednesday night, O’Brien revealed that during his trip to Japan he was invited to the offices of Hideo Kojima. Watch as O’Brien gets a tour of the office along with a sneak peek at “Death Stranding.”

You can tell how important secrecy is to Kojima Studios. Only a Costco card can get you past the security system and into the offices. Conan was then required to blur out all the screens of those working on “Death Stranding,” even taking it so far as to blur out Kojima himself.

Next, O’Brien gets to see a trailer of “Death Stranding” and treats it like a YouTube reaction video. O’Brien delivers the same sarcastic and hilarious quips he does while playing games with celebrities like Billy Eichner or Bill Hader. It’s one thing to joke around about a video game with people like that but another thing to do it in front of a legendary game designer like Hideo Kojima.

Kojima was nice enough to scan O’Brien and offer him a role in “Death Stranding.” Fans will have to wait until it’s released on Nov. 8 to see if O’Brien ends up in the final product. If not, O’Brien can always look back fondly at his appearance in “UFC 2.”

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Are you excited for the release of “Death Stranding?” Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t be surprised if Conan O’Brien gets a chance to play the game in a future installment of “Clueless Gamer.” Be sure to check in with Last Night On for updates and highlights.


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