Jimmy Kimmel: Trump is having a meltdown as impeachment heats up

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes)
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes) /

Jimmy Kimmel called President Donald Trump the biggest snowflake of all and imagined what a Trump news network would look like.

If you’re not following along with the impeachment story, you can still get a pretty good idea of where things are based on President Donald Trump’s behavior. Or you can watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! where the President’s ongoing meltdown is well-documented.

President Trump’s former Ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified that Trump pressured the State Department to fire her. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland may testify that Trump dictated a controversial text message about a quid pro quo with Ukraine. And Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is reportedly under investigation.

That all adds up to a lot of bad news for President Trump. But as Jimmy Kimmel highlighted, you would never know that by watching his rally in Louisiana. The President has become something of an expert when it comes to ignoring the news.

But ignoring the news is becoming increasingly more difficult for Trump. Even Fox News has landed on his bad side after releasing a poll indicating that a majority of Americans support removing Trump from office. That led Kimmel to imagine what could happen if the Trump American News Network launches.

Like most late night hosts, Jimmy Kimmel seems to be enjoying watching President Trump throw a fit and meltdown. Kimmel and others may not like what Trump does while in office but they are certainly on board to watch him get booted.

This segment is a good example of how Jimmy Kimmel Live! covers President Trump compared to shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert or Late Night with Seth Meyers. Rarely does Kimmel spend anymore than a couple minutes on any one thing that the President does. Conversely, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers will dedicated 10 minutes of a monologue on breaking down one or two major moments.

Both approaches work for their respective shows. It also proves that there is more than one way for late night to tackle Trump. Audiences are certainly agreeing as the Trump-heavy late night shows continue to perform in the ratings.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! will have to carry the late night load this week. Both The Late Show and Late Night are on vacation this week, meaning Jimmy Kimmel will have all the President Trump news you can (or want) to handle. Keep checking Last Night On for the highlights.