Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’ is fake news

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After Donald Trump revealed the results of his ‘Fake News Awards’, Stephen Colbert went on The Late Show to vent about being snubbed at the fake event.

And you thought there were some key snubs at the Golden Globes…

Last night, Stephen Colbert kicked off his monologue on The Late Show by talking about the Fake News Awards. Hand-picked by President Donald Trump himself, these “awards” are presumably for the fakest of the fake news. Leading up to the president revealing the results, many late night hosts were having fun with it. That includes Colbert, who even paid for a billboard in Times Square asking for consideration for The Late Show at the “Fakies.”

Unfortunately, that turned out to be for naught, as Colbert would be snubbed by Trump’s Fakies. The president did not name Colbert’s show anywhere in his Fake News Awards, and in Colbert’s monologue, he laments over that fact. “Yeah, I know, it’s hard to take,” Colbert jokes, “but at least, for once, we didn’t lose to John Oliver.”

Colbert turns up the heat on Trump by questioning how he couldn’t have seen the Times Square billboard. After all, according to Colbert, he should have been able to see it as that place has two of his favorite things: “fast food and a hint of urine.”

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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