Stephen Colbert: Trump’s plan to court Hispanic voters won’t work

Stephen Colbert kicked off his 800th episode of The Late Show by questioning President Trump’s plan to woo Hispanic voters in 2020.

The closer we get to 2020, the more rallies we can expect to see from President Donald Trump. The rhetoric, themes, and locations of those rallies can provide insight to Trump’s campaign strategy. And if the President’s event in New Mexico is an indication of one such strategy, it won’t work according to Stephen Colbert.

Tuesday night marked the 800th episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. CBS is no doubt more than pleased with the decision to appoint Colbert as David Letterman’s successor. Colbert’s Late Show has worked itself to the top of late night ratings and is once again up for a handful of Emmys at this year’s ceremony.

The Emmy Awards will be held in Los Angeles, California where Trump held a fundraiser. The President is not very popular in L.A. which may explain why so many of the details were kept secret.

Trump also held a rally in New Mexico where his latest strategy for 2020 was made clear. Trump lost New Mexico by eight points in 2016. The state’s population is also 48 percent Hispanic, a demographic very much against Trump. All that information had Stephen Colbert questioning Trump’s plan to recruit Hispanic voters for his reelection.

Colbert has always covered the way in which President Trump portrays Hispanics and immigrants from Central America. It has rarely been positive yet now that Trump needs all the help he can get, he is ready to celebrate Hispanics.

The Late Show host then goes after Trump for his claim that he was the “least racist” person in the room during his rally. Colbert, like other late night hosts, has not held back in labeling the president a racist on several occasions.

By now, Colbert knows there is no point in trying to rationalize Trump’s thoughts. Colbert doesn’t bother trying to understand why Trump thinks he can get the support of Hispanic voters but knows that it won’t happen. It makes as much sense as Trump’s remarks on the distance between the U.S. and China within the universe.

After 800 episodes of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert is no closer to understanding what goes on in the mind of Donald Trump. But he has figured out the best way to mock, satirize, and taunt just about everything the President says or does.