Bill Burr’s five best rants on Conan

Bill Burr (Photo by Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images)
Bill Burr (Photo by Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images) /
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3. Charities in sports

As mentioned, Bill Burr is a huge sports fan. You can hear him rant and rave about Boston teams on his “Monday Morning Podcast.” He is now late night’s go-to guest to ask about anything involving the New England Patriots or Boston Red Sox.

Burr watches sports for the same reason many of his fans watch his stand-up: to take a break from the real world and all its pitfalls. So when the horrors of human existence are thrust upon his viewing experience as a sports fan, Burr gets angry.

In this clip, Burr is specifically annoyed with the “Stand Up to Cancer” initiative from Major League Baseball. You may have seen it in the past where both players and fans in the crowd hold up signs honoring a loved one who has battled cancer.

Charity promotion and cancer research advocacy aren’t exactly ripe for comedy. Yet Burr proves once again why he’s the best in the business at unleashing on something mundane or that most of us could shrug off. Instead, Burr compares it to pausing a movie to recall how a cancer patient wilted away or mention a particularly horrifying past experience.

This clip is a great example of Burr going off on something that may have rubbed some people the wrong way but they would never say something. Burr the comedian gives voice to the more cynical and less sensitive side of human nature.