Kim Kardashian West’s phone secrets revealed on The Tonight Show

Texts between Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West and deleted pictures were on display on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Chances are you have felt the anxiety of someone scrolling through the pictures on your phone or potentially reading your text messages. Now imagine it is happening on The Tonight Show and you have an idea of what Kim Kardashian West and Jimmy Fallon went through.

Fallon and his Tonight Show team are constantly looking for new games to play with celebrity guests. But for a host and show known for making guests comfortable, “Show Me Your Phone” was quite the departure from that.

It helped that Fallon has a good relationship with West and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family. Perhaps it was that sense of safety that led West to agree to have her phone explored at random during Wednesday night’s Tonight Show.

So if you’ve ever wondered what Kim and Kanye text about or what she Googles, you can see for yourself. You just might be surprised.

West would later address the rumors that she, Kanye, and their kids were going to relocate to Wyoming. It doesn’t sound like she is ready to give up the Los Angeles lifestyle just yet so the ranch is sounding more like a summer house or getaway.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, the most embarrassing or cringy content came from Fallon. We got a sneak preview of “I Don’t Like This,” an unfinished song about colonoscopies. Then there was the awkward selfie that West posted to Fallon’s Instagram.

But all in all it could have been a lot worse for both Fallon and West. Given how much of her life is public, it may have been nothing new for West. But her phone may be the last part of her life that is still private. Credit to her for sharing just a tiny bit of it on The Tonight Show.

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