Bill Hader compares Finn Wolfhard to King Joffrey from Game of Thrones

Bill Hader talked to Jimmy Fallon about the power Finn Wolfhard had in getting Hader cast in It: Chapter 2.

Bill Hader has found himself near the center of pop culture for over a decade at this point. So it isn’t surprising to hear Hader turn to pop culture references when describing how he was cast in It: Chapter 2.

Hader stars alongside James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and more in the sequel to It that arrives in theaters this week. For his part, Hader has been getting a ton of praise and his performance has even been called “Oscar worthy.”

Again, that shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Hader’s work at this point. He has an Emmy win for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series for the show he created, Barry. He’s nominated again this year while Barry and Hader’s other show Documentary Now! racked up over 20 nominations combined.

But what may be surprising is how powerful Finn Wolfhard has become in the entertainment industry. The Stranger Things star was a major part of It and even had some say in how the sequel would be put together, as Hader told The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Plenty of people have thought about what actor could play them in a movie. But only those actually in the movies get to see that become a reality. And for Wolfhard, his wish came true. This even took Hader by surprised after finding himself called in for a meeting about It: Chapter 2.

In telling the story to Jimmy Fallon, Hader manages to reference Barry, Saturday Night Live, and Game of Thrones. How’s that for pop culture references?

But truth be told, King Joffrey isn’t exactly the best person to be associated with given the character’s history. When Joffrey summed someone on Game of Thrones it usually had a very violent end. Maybe Hader was giving a very subtle hint about the fate of his It character?

Now Bill Hader knows there will always be a role for him playing an older Finn Wolfhard. But given the success of BarryDocumentary Now!, and his turn in It: Chapter 2, Hader doesn’t exactly need much help in landing a part.