Seth Meyers’ closer look at Trump in Europe and calls for impeachment

Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC)
Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC) /

Seth Meyers recaps President Trump’s visit to Europe as ‘doing and saying dumb things in important places.’

Late Night with Seth Meyers returned from an extended break on Monday by picking up right where it left off: taking a closer look at everything related to President Donald Trump. Seth Meyers opened the show by looking at Trump’s behavior in Europe as well as the growing calls for impeachment here in the U.S.

Meyers’ absences from the late night lineup was noticeable over the past two weeks. It left the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to political comedy to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Real Time with Bill Maher.

But Meyers didn’t show any signs of rust when he was back on the air Monday night. He had a lot to catch up on after missing out on covering President Trump’s time in the UK, Ireland, and France in real time. The focus of “A Closer Look” was how the president enriched himself during his European tour.

Seth Meyers first starts with a recap of President Trump’s “signature weirdness.” This included a joke about Trump’s tuxedo, an outfit that also caught the attention of Trevor Noah over at The Daily Show. Meyers then went on to mock one of his favorite comedy targets: Trump unscripted and unfiltered.

When that happens, we see things like Trump trying to reflect on the significance of Normandy or suggesting that a border wall exists between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Anyone speaking in front of cameras as much as the president can be forgiven for the occasionally slip of the tongue or for misspeaking. But there is a reason Seth Meyers always points this out with Trump and that’s because it happens so consistently.

Meyers goes on to explain how Trump enriched himself on the trip in ways such as staying at his golf course in Ireland and mixing his personal business with government business. Just about everyone in late night has been critical of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump being around the White House and Meyers is no different in this edition of “A Closer Look.”

These efforts to enrich himself are part of the motivation behind mounting calls for impeachment proceedings to begin, according to Meyers. However, there is still no consensus among Democrats on whether or not to go forward with that plan.

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In any case, it looks like it will be a very stressful summer for President Donald Trump. The number of Democrats calling for impeachment is only going to increase. Late Night with Seth Meyers will be just as busy keeping a close look at everything going on at the White House.