Saturday Night Live’s 10 best sketches from this season

Saturday Night Live (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)
Saturday Night Live (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC) /
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2. Kavanaugh Hearing Cold Open

Ideally, the first episode of the season shouldn’t be the best. But if Saturday Night Live‘s goal is to put on the best show possible each week, it certainly succeeded with the season premiere on Sep. 29, 2018.

The controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanugh dominated the news for months. Allegations of sexual misconduct led to heated debates on television and across social media. Late night of course had a lot to say about the story as well.

But nobody did a better job satirizing Kavanaugh’s hearing than Saturday Night Live. The show expertly handled what was a sensitive topic by addressing Kavanaugh’s behavior at the hearing as well as that of the politicians tasked with questioning him.

To do that, fans got to see the first of what was dozens of cameos this season. Matt Damon absolutely nails this take on Kavanaugh. It certainly helps that he is an incredible actor but the writing was excellent. There is a reason the clip has over 25 million views on YouTube.

This entire countdown could have consisted of just cold opens. This season was full of some pretty great ones. But the bar was set very high on the premiere thanks to Matt Damon, Rachel Dratch, Aidy Bryant, and the rest of the cast who contributed to this cold open.