President Trump’s Twitter threats to Iran get ‘A Closer Look’

Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC)
Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC) /

Seth Meyers took a closer look at President Trump’s tweets aimed at Iran and how the White House is pushing for conflict.

Twitter has changed so much about how we communicate. So much so that the social media platform has become the go-to communication method of President Donald Trump. For Seth Meyers, this isn’t exactly a good thing so he decided to take a closer look.

President Trump’s love of Twitter has been well-documented dating back to before his 2016 campaign for president. Now with millions more followers, Trump has a massive audience. His tweets range from feuding with Kellyanne Conway’s husband to complaining about Saturday Night Live reruns.

While those topics are amusing, the president’s latest headline grabbing tweets stem from escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran. Reports previously suggested that President Trump preferred a diplomatic approach to resolving issues with Iran despite others in his administration favoring military action.

Trump’s tweets threatening Iran came out over the weekend and seem to suggest either the president is posturing or beginning to listen more to those around him. It was the subject of “A Closer Look” on Monday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Seth Meyers follows in the footsteps of Stephen Colbert in saying something fans never expected him to say. Just a few days after Colbert thanked God that Donald Trump was president, Meyers encouraged Trump to go play golf.

Ironically, or perhaps predictably, both Meyers and Colbert expressed these thoughts discussing the same topic. Colbert was happy to hear Trump was hesitant about a war with Iran and now Meyers considers it a matter of national security that the president get far away from this issue.

Meyers then turns his attention to national security adviser John Bolton. Bolton has become a popular target for late night hosts and other critics of the White House. As Meyers points out, it is odd that Trump would take Bolton’s pro-war stance in to consideration after spending so much of his 2016 campaign criticizing the war in Iraq.

The Late Night host then moves on to mocking the president for claiming that he makes all decisive final decision. Yet he didn’t sound to decisive in responding “I hope not” when asked if we’re headed to war with Iran. He also looked like he couldn’t decide if he should be waiting inside or outside for his guests.

As with most of these “A Closer Look” segments, it all comes back to Trump’s finances. Seth Meyers has been very focused on the issues surrounding the release of Trump’s tax returns. He argues that without knowing Trump’ financial history, we can’t be sure whose interest he’s serving with a potential war with Iran.

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This all stems from President Donald Trump using Twitter to send out his message. Rather than keep his thoughts to himself or among his advisors, the president sends them out to his 60 million followers. Not exactly great for foreign policy but it certainly provides Seth Meyers with a lot of material for “A Closer Look.”