Jimmy Kimmel picks the dumbest thing President Trump does

Competition is strong but Jimmy Kimmel thinks he knows what is the dumbest thing President Trump continues to do.

“Unusual” is one of many, many words that can be used to describe President Donald Trump’s behavior while in office. There have been plenty of “never before seen” moments over the past two years. But for Jimmy Kimmel, one particular act from Trump can only be called “dumb.”

Hearing that should certainly grab your attention considering how critical Kimmel has been of all things Trump. While he may not focus as heavily on the politics as Stephen Colbert or Seth Meyers, Kimmel continues to shake his head night after night at Trump’s words and actions.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently held an all-star tribute to President Trump  honoring his first two years in office. That special episode highlight many of the bizarre speeches, allegations of criminal activity, and strange behaviors that have become normal from the White House. But for Kimmel none of that compared to what Trump did once again at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

No Kimmel joke about Trump would be complete without a shot at Don Jr. and Eric. But beyond that, the late night host simply cannot believe that Trump continues to hug flags on stage. It is strange that no one on his staff has told him not to do it. Or if someone has, he’s just not listening.

Nobody in late night loves a fake infomercial like Jimmy Kimmel Live! This one was especially creative for the orange face stain and greasy chicken marks on the flags for sale.

Kimmel managed to get over his disbelief at Trump’s flag hugging to then try to break down the rest of the speech. Stephen Colbert took a crack at this as well on The Late Show. But a two hour unscripted monologue from President Trump requires all hands on deck to understand.

In fact, the speech provided enough content for Kimmel to come up with another “Drunk Donald Trump” on top of the flag bit. And from there, it was a quick montage of every character and absurd quote from CPAC.

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We’ve seen that no matter how many late night hosts focus on President Trump, they can all come up with a different angle or take. Does that show how talented they are or does it show how much material the president is providing? Either way, clips like these from Jimmy Kimmel are sure to keep coming so we might as well embrace it.


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