Jimmy Kimmel: We will be around long after Trump is gone

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Jimmy Kimmel opened up about the feud between Donald Trump and late-night television.

Jimmy Kimmel is already anticipating the end of Donald Trump‘s reign in the White House. And the comedian is confident that it will not be remembered fondly once it’s over.

For every late night comedian on television, Trump has proven to be an excellent source of material for monologues. Outsiders may feel that the comedians have to be loving this, as the president always gives them plenty of things to joke about. But it’s not as glorious of a position to be in as what some people might think.

In a new interview with The Wrap, Jimmy Kimmel opened up about the president of the United States. The comedian apparently doesn’t like talking about Trump as much as he does, but avoiding the subject is akin to ignoring the pink elephant in the room. In other words, it’s just impossible, because even if you try to stray from talking about Trump, he naturally winds up in the conversation.

“Ultimately, our approach is to cover the news of the day. And he is the news of the day, every day and every night,” Kimmel explains. He talks about how it’s actually a really tough spot to be in, because so many people assume he’s loving all of this material Trump’s giving him. “But make no mistake, we will be around long after he’s gone,” Kimmel makes sure to say about the Trump coverage on late night TV.

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However, Kimmel also clarifies that he considers it a badge of honor to be publicly insulted by Trump. Because Donald Trump goes off on everyone who upsets him, Kimmel says he’d feel disappointed if he wasn’t included on the list. But he makes a good point, and it’s important to remember that no matter how bad things get with Trump, Kimmel and company will still be around once he’s finally gone.