Stephen Colbert asks Bernie Sanders about running in 2020

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, via CBS
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, via CBS /

Stephen Colbert invited Bernie Sanders onto The Late Show last night, where the conversation turned to politics and possibly running again in 2020.

There are a few different ways to take Bernie’s response!

Last night on The Late Show, former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders paid a visit to speak about the state of today’s politics. Certainly, Bernie’s ideologies are getting increasingly popular, and he has no shortage of supporters in the United States. However, as Stephen Colbert explains, there’s still a certain negative connotation to the word “socialism,” and Colbert asks how he feels about the controversy with the term.

In response, Sanders points out how his once “crazy” ideas are now very mainstream. “I think also people, in their gut, understand that we’re living in a very strange moment in American history, above and beyond Donald Trump,” the Vermont Senator adds. It’s hard to argue the point that nothing really seems too strange anymore now that Trump is the president of the United States.

Looking ahead a few years, Colbert soon brings up the subject of running again in 2020. According to a betting site, Sanders is a frontrunner to be the Democratic nominee, along with Kamala Harris of California. First, Colbert asks Bernie if he wants to bet on which of the two will get the ticket. When Sanders refuses to answer, Colbert then asks him if he will at least announce that he is NOT running again in 2020. Interestingly, Bernie says no to that as well, saying it’s just far too early to focus on 2020 and we need to worry about this year’s elections.

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Will Bernie Sanders be on the ticket in 2020? Whether he is or not, he’s right in saying that it’s too early to worry about that now. A lot can happen in a couple of years. But what you can count on is seeing Colbert on TV every weeknight! Watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when it airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS.