Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, August 5th, 2018?

John Oliver via HBO
John Oliver via HBO /

Will we see an all new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver premiering on HBO tonight at the usual time? We have the info on the show right here.

Sunday nights are always more barren without John Oliver doing his thing on the HBO network. His talk show Last Week Tonight won the Emmy last year because of how brilliantly written the show happens to be. So, being Sunday, will we get another new episode tonight, or is the program going to be on a hiatus?

Good news, as the show is all new tonight! Season 5 of the Emmy winning series resumes, so be sure to tune in tonight at 11 PM when the show goes live. Coming off of last week’s powerful show about sexual harassment in the workplace (and elsewhere), one has to wonder what Oliver will be taking on next. We can guarantee that it’s going to be must see, as all of his episodes seem to be.

As mentioned, Oliver won last year at the Emmys for this show, and he’s in contention to win again this year. His competition includes James Corden, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, and Jimmy Kimmel. There’s no guarantee Oliver will win again in 2018, considering the strength of his competitors, but he certainly has a great shot at it.

Last year, HBO renewed Oliver’s show through 2020. Even before he won the Emmy, the network knew they had something golden with the late night funnyman. So we’ll be getting many years worth of new episodes to look forward to as well.

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs Sunday nights at 11 PM EST on HBO. Be sure to watch the remaining episodes of the season when they air on Sundays. You can also stream the show on HBO GO and HBO NOW.