Jimmy Kimmel trolls stoners with phony marijuana ‘edibles’

Jimmy Kimmel Live, courtesy of ABC
Jimmy Kimmel Live, courtesy of ABC /

The Jimmy Kimmel Live team pranked unsuspecting stoners by giving them candy that’s supposedly a strong edible, but is really just ordinary candy.

Apparently getting high is as easy as just believing that it’s happening…

With the all-out legalization of marijuana in the United States seemingly inevitable, it’s not quite the taboo it used to be for Americans to use it recreationally. In some states, such as California, it can be bought legally in its various forms. One of the most popular methods people use to consume the weed is through “edibles,” or special foods or candies made with THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) baked right into it.

Curious, Jimmy Kimmel sent his team to the streets to have some fun with the stoners. Each pot smoker was told that they’d be getting an edible with such a strong effect, it would hit them within seconds. Of course, these are actually nothing more than ordinary pieces of candy… so what’s going to happen when these people try them?

Hilariously, the power of suggestion is proven in this clip, as these potheads really think they’re getting high. It’s not clear whether they’re already high, high because they want to be, or just lying for the sake of having their footage used for television. Whatever the case, however, these people seem to be buying these phony edible candies as the real deal.

Watch the segment in full in the YouTube video below!

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Kimmel loves to troll pedestrians, as this clip isn’t too far removed from his regular Lie Witness News bits. Typically, Kimmel will ask people about things that are completely made up, and these people will often just lie and go along with it. To see more skits like this, watch Jimmy Kimmel Live when it airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on ABC!