John Cleese confidently confirms the British don’t like Donald Trump

John Cleese on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS
John Cleese on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS /

Funnyman John Cleese stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and pointed out that the British don’t like Donald Trump, despite Trump’s insistence.

Wait, does that mean that Donald Trump is lying to us?!

Last night, the always funny John Cleese came onto Stephen Colbert’s Late Show for a guest appearance. Always quipping, it wasn’t long before Cleese and Colbert started to make the audience laugh. Cleese even says Colbert is even sillier than he though, which Colbert says is actually an honor to hear. Of course, Cleese clarifies that he means it as a compliment of the highest regard as well.

After the two spent some time speaking on Cleese’s career, the topic switched to the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Of course, the subject had to come up before the conclusion of the interview. But as you could expect, Cleese did have something to say about the matter, but he does so in a hilarious way, unlike how Colbert typically bashes the president on his show every weeknight.

For his part, Colbert asks Cleese if the British really like Trump, as it’s something Trump swears is true. “Nope,” Cleese responds, matter of factly. As Colbert explains, Trump’s mother is from Scotland, yet the president still doesn’t seem to trust continental Europeans. “Well, he doesn’t trust anyone in charge of a democracy, does he?” Cleese immediately responds. This elicits a mixed response from the crowd, but Cleese doubles down, telling everyone, “It’s true.”

You can watch the interview in full in the YouTube video below!

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Hopefully, we’ll see Cleese back on The Late Show sooner or later, as he jives very well with Colbert. In the meantime, we can catch Colbert on TV every weeknight. Watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST only on CBS!