Jimmy Kimmel defends Donald Trump… well, sort of

Jimmy Kimmel Live via ABC
Jimmy Kimmel Live via ABC /

Jimmy Kimmel shocked his late night viewers by telling them he wanted to take the time to defend Donald Trump, though the president still won’t like it.

Mark your calendars. Jimmy Kimmel is coming to the defense of Donald Trump!

At the start of the week, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki in a meeting some are calling an absolute disgrace for the president. Face to face with Putin, Trump was unable to offer any kind of criticisms for the Russian leader, with some calling his performance a “surrender.” It’s obviously brought a lot of flak Trump’s way, and his excuses to explain it have only buried him deeper.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel said something which sounded a bit surprising. He announced that he wanted to come to the defense of Trump in this situation, but just a little bit. People on both party lines are saying Trump is a coward and a liar. But Kimmel wants those critics to be honest and admit they’d do what Trump’s doing if they had their own “pee pee tape” being used against them.

“If someone had a tape of hookers going number one, possibly even number two on you, you would do the same thing,” Kimmel explains. “Admit it. You’d be like, ‘Oh, Vladimir, he’s a good dude, he would never do anything sneaky like that,’ right?” Kimmel seems to have a point there.

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Of course, most of us wouldn’t be unwise enough to wind up in this kind of compromising situation to begin with. But most of us aren’t Donald Trump. Still, Kimmel’s logic there is sound, and let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if the “pee tape” is proven true. For more of his show, watch Jimmy Kimmel Live when it airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on ABC!