Donald Trump doesn’t shock Samantha Bee, but Republicans do

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, courtesy of TBS
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, courtesy of TBS /

Donald Trump has shocked many with his actions stemming from his Helsinki meeting with Vladimir Putin, but Samantha Bee is shocked only by the shock.

Samantha Bee is surprised, but not for the same reasons others are!

I don’t need to tell you about what happened this week with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. When the two met in Helsinki, Trump essentially sucked up to Putin, siding with the Russian leader over U.S. intelligence agencies. Many are calling it disgraceful, with even Republicans finally calling out Trump and saying they’re shocked by his behavior.

On this week’s Full Frontal on TBS, however, Bee says straight up she doesn’t see where the surprise comes from. While nothing about Trump’s actions surprise her at all, what does shock her is how much it surprises other people. After all, it’s not like Trump is acting any differently than he always has. Bee laments that Trump is only doing his greatest hits, so “being surprised to hear them is as crazy as going to a Lou Vega concert and being surprised to hear ‘Mambo No. 5.’”

Even more so than Republicans being surprised, however, is how so many journalists were expressing their shock as well. For these same reasons, Bee just can’t fathom how people who are covering the news for a living can just now be shocked about Trump’s behavior. “No one in your profession should be this shocked the 50th time someone does something!” she quips.

You can watch Bee’s take down in the YouTube video below.

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Bee is one of six late night TV hosts up for an Emmy this year. Although she ruffled some feathers with her remarks about Ivanka Trump, it hasn’t slowed her down. Watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee when it airs Wednesday nights only on the TBS network!