Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, July 15th, 2018?

Last Week Tonight wiht John Oliver via HBO
Last Week Tonight wiht John Oliver via HBO /

We’re halfway through the month of July, but is John Oliver on vacation, or will he be back with a new episode of Last Week Tonight on HBO tonight?

At the start of the month, Oliver kicked off a new episode of Last Week Tonight, diving into genome editing. However, last week’s Sunday night was Oliver free, as the show was on hiatus without a new episode. So, will that continue into this week, or will Oliver be back on HBO tonight?

Unfortunately, Oliver isn’t back tonight with a new episode, either. The late night funnyman is still coasting through Season 5, but he’s taking several weeks off to enjoy the summer. However, that doesn’t mean he’s going to be gone for all that much longer. He’ll be back by month’s end, returning with a new episode on July 29.

Last year, HBO renewed the show through 2020, which means Oliver will be around for several more years. It’s well deserved, considering the success Oliver had at the Emmys last year. This year, the program is included in the Emmy nominations once again, and Oliver has a great shot at getting the gold again.

There’s no word on what Oliver will be addressing when the show comes back. It’s a shame he’s not around for this overseas trip Donald Trump made. The giant baby balloon of Trump floating around in Europe is certainly hilarious, and it’d be funny to see how Oliver responds. However, I’m sure he’s still going to have plenty of material to work with once the show returns and he starts to catch up.

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As mentioned above, Oliver will return with new episodes on July 29. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will then air Sunday nights on HBO at 11 p.m. EST. The series is also available to stream on HBO GO and HBO NOW.