Is Real Time with Bill Maher on tonight, July 13th, 2018?

Real Time with Bill Maher via HBO
Real Time with Bill Maher via HBO /

Will there be an all new episode of Bill Maher’s HBO talk series Real Time premiering tonight at the usual time? We have the info about the show here.

This week, Donald Trump took his trip overseas, meeting with various foreign leaders. Of course, that includes a private meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. One could assume Bill Maher would have something to say about all this, but will he be doing that tonight on a new episode of Real Time? Or, is the show on a hiatus?

Well, let’s get right to it, and unfortunately, it’s bad news. There’s not going to be a new episode of the show on tonight. Maher is currently taking a bit of a vacation, so he’ll be taking several weeks off of filming Real Time. However, the season isn’t over yet, and the show will resume with new episodes on Aug. 3. Yes, that means we won’t have any new shows at all for the duration of the month.

Maher already has his guests lined up for his return show. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Steve Schmidt, Charles Blow, Malcolm Nance, and Kristen Soltis Anderson are all confirmed to appear. After her shocking Senate win, Ocasio-Cortez will serve as an interesting guest for Maher. Her democratic socialist policies are in line with what Maher preaches, and the two will likely discuss that on the program.

Last year, HBO renewed the show into 2020. Despite our little break for July, it’s good to know the show will be on for several more years at least.

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Real Time with Bill Maher will return from its hiatus on Aug. 3, 2018. Be sure to tune back in then and each Friday thereafter for new episodes of the show. It will air Friday nights at 11 PM EST on HBO, and is also available to stream on HBO GO and HBO NOW.