Bill Maher offers Mitt Romney $1M to ‘take over America’

Real Time with Bill Maher, courtesy of HBO
Real Time with Bill Maher, courtesy of HBO /

During his newest live comedy special for HBO, funnyman Bill Maher says he’s willing to put up a million bucks to Mitt Romney for unseating Donald Trump.

Is this a classic case of “lesser of two evils?”

Without a doubt, Bill Maher isn’t the biggest fan of Mitt Romney. During his bid to become the next president back in 2012, Maher had a lot of criticism to offer for the Republican nominee. Fast forwarding ahead several years, however, Maher is starting to see Romney in a bit of a different light, obviously comparing him to current president Donald Trump.

Last night on his new comedy special, Maher spoke about the state of politics in the United States of America. Anyone watching Real Time knows that Maher loathes Trump, thinking of him as the worst the Republican party has ever had to offer. Desperate to see Trump out of the Oval Office by any means necessary, Maher has come up with a monetary incentive for an actual Republican to help remove Trump themselves!

“I was so scared Romney was going to be president I gave Obama a million bucks,” Maher says about the 2012 general election. Maher laments the difference a few years could make, adding half-jokingly, “I would gladly give Romney $1M tomorrow if he would take over America. Swear to god!” The Real Time host also jokes that he’ll even become a Mormon if he has to. Just any way to help Romney (or anyone) get Trump out of the White House. Certainly, there are many Americans who’d much rather see Romney as president than Trump, if given the choice.

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