Michelle Wolf reunited with Seth Meyers on new show The Break

Seth Meyers and Michelle Wolf, courtesy of NBC
Seth Meyers and Michelle Wolf, courtesy of NBC /

Late Night host Seth Meyers paid a visit to former colleague Michelle Wolf’s new show The Break, so the two could humorously poke fun at each other.

It sure is nice to see these two on the same screen again!

Certainly, we’re all aware of who Michelle Wolf is by now. Those who didn’t know were made aware after her very controversial appearance at the White House Correspondents Dinner. But for fans of Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Daily Show, her work was well appreciated as she used to serve as a writer and appear on both shows.

Since May of this year, however, Wolf has moved on to hosting her own kind of talk show on Netflix. The Break with Michelle Wolf releases new episodes each Sunday, in the very early morning hours. Today, she reunited with an old boss of hers by inviting Seth Meyers of Late Night to come on for a hilarious segment.

Wolf invited Meyers on for a segment in which the two gripe about the little things in life that infuriate them. That includes things like cargo pants and Adam Levine. They move into a segment called, “How Dare You?” in which the two essentially ask that question to the things that bother them. Wolf goes after the soccer players in the World Cup, asking how dare they be as attractive as they are? They also talk about Dyson vacuums and hand dryers, among other things.

You can watch Meyers and Wolf together in the YouTube video below.

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New episodes of The Break with Michelle Wolf premiere Sunday mornings for streaming on Netflix. As for Meyers, you can still find him on TV late at night on weeknights as well. Catch him when Late Night with Seth Meyers airs weeknights at 12:37 AM EST on NBC.