Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, June 17th, 2018?

Last Week Tonight wiht John Oliver via HBO
Last Week Tonight wiht John Oliver via HBO /

On this wonderful Sunday, will we have an all new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to look forward to premiering on the HBO network tonight?

It’s the dawn of a new week, and the end of the weekend. On this Sunday, will a new episode of the hit HBO talk series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver be premiering tonight, or, will the show be on hiatus this week?

We’re going to get right down to it. Yes, there is a new episode that’s going to be on tonight. Season 5 resumes on HBO, with multiple episodes left to go before the end of the season. The show will resume at the usual time tonight at 11 PM.

Last week, Oliver spoke at length about the Stupid Watergate scandal and the special counsel investigation. The week prior, he dedicated an episode to speaking about the issues involved with legal guardianship for the elderly. What he will tackle on tonight’s program will be a mystery until it airs, but one thing we know for sure is it’s going to be as hilarious as always.

Last year, HBO renewed this show through 2020. This guarantees Oliver will remain on the air for years to come. Similarly, his HBO cohort Bill Maher also had his program Real Time renewed into 2020 as well.

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You’ll want to keep watching the show, as more new episodes are coming before Season 5 is over. As always, tune in when Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs Sunday nights at 11 PM on HBO!