Chris Hardwick gets AMC talk show pulled after accusations

Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick, via AMC
Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick, via AMC /

Talking with Chris Hardwick has been pulled from the AMC schedule following accusations made by Hardwick’s ex-girlfriend alleging sexual abuse.

This has been a rapid fall for Chris Hardwick.

If you haven’t heard what’s happened with the Talking Dead host, I’ll catch you up to speed. Last week, Hardwick’s ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra wrote a blog post on Medium detailing her toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend. The story describes a man as being emotionally and sexually abusive, even sabotaging her career after the end of their relationship. Although he wasn’t named specifically, internet sleuths quickly figured out Hardwick was the man in the story, and Hardwick himself released a statement on Friday maintaining his innocence.

After the allegations hit the headlines, Hardwick’s name was scrubbed from the Nerdist website. And now, it’s official that AMC will not move forward with airing episodes of Hardwick’s talk series Talking with Chris Hardwick pending further investigation. The news comes courtesy of Deadline. The first episode, which has already been filmed, would feature Solo star Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino.

It hasn’t been determined if Talking Dead will return in the fall when The Walking Dead returns. However, Hardwick won’t be moderating this year’s San Diego Comic Con panel as he usually does. Pending what happens with this story will likely determine the future of the show. However, it’s easy to see that things aren’t looking very good.

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We’ll have to see what happens next in the weeks ahead. One thing that’s clear is that these allegations are taken very seriously these days. It’s understandable to put Hardwick’s current series on hold while AMC does an internal investigation. But if Hardwick doesn’t come back for Talking Dead, will the show continue with another host? With the way The Walking Dead is winding down anyway, it’s hard to say. Let’s wait and see.