Bill Maher demands law changes to prevent police brutality

Real Time with Bill Maher, courtesy of HBO
Real Time with Bill Maher, courtesy of HBO /

With no end in sight to the epidemic in America of police officers needlessly wailing on civilians, Bill Maher took to Real Time to call for changes.

Bill Maher has seen enough police brutality.

Last night on Real Time, Maher focused on this hot button issue in the closing moments of the show. As part of the New Rules bit, Maher shined a spotlight on the severe epidemic of police officers violently injuring people for no justifiable reason. It’s something most of us are well aware of already due to the rise of cell phone cameras and the footage of these beatings making their way to the internet.

“When did punching someone in the head become  law enforcement technique?” Maher asks. He doesn’t understand how cops will “do a river dance on your skull” before telling you to “watch your head” when getting into the back of a cruiser. And sure, Maher hears the point that not every cop is bad, what if the good cops really outnumber the bad ones, then “why are there so many videos of them being bad?”

To prove his point, Maher when back to some of the most horrifying video from just this month, including footage of multiple male officers wailing on a young, skinny girl on a beach. Her crime? She’s a minor and she had beer. Maher also mentions the NFL player recently tazed on video by cops for the crime of merely being black. “This is why NFL players want to take a knee. Not because they hate the anthem!” Maher decries.

“It seems to me we need a #MeToo movement for the police,” Maher explains. While he understands the frustration to come with being a police officer, Maher says we need to call them what they really are: “Cowards.” You can watch this New Rules bit in the YouTube video below.

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Will we actually see any law changes to address this problem anytime soon? Your guess is as good as mine. Tune in when Real Time with Bill Maher airs Fridays at 10 PM on HBO.