SNL’s Pete Davidson gets tattoos for new girlfriend Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande - Photo: Pete Davidson, Instagram
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande - Photo: Pete Davidson, Instagram /

Making a decision he’ll surely never regret, Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson has been inked with two tattoos for his new girlfriend, Ariana Grande.

Well, that’s one way to let her know you’re serious…

For many couples, inking your partner’s name onto your skin is a serious no-no. With an uncertainty about the future, nobody would like to forever brand the name of their ex-lover should the two break up. While some couples will never take this route at all, others still may after the marriage when the commitment to each other becomes more clear.

Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live is saying nuts to all that, as the comedian is showing off two brand new tattoos. Having recently been reported to be dating pop star Ariana Grande, TMZ reveals Davidson made the choice to have some of her trademark symbols engraved into his flesh for the rest of his life. On his thumb, Davidson had an “AG” logo inscribed, while he has the symbol of Grande’s “bunny ears mask” on his neck.

Seeing is believing, so take a look at Pete’s new ink below.

Pete Davidson – Photo: TMZ
Pete Davidson – Photo: TMZ /

This is actually not the first strange tattoo story to involve Davidson. In December of last year, Davidson revealed to his followers on Instagram that he had gotten a Hillary Clinton tattoo on his leg. As Hillary was a “hero” of Davidson’s and not a lover, however, he still may come to regret these Ariana tattoos much more than the Clinton one. For his own sake, let’s all just hope this celebrity relationship works out.

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Saturday Night Live is currently on its summer hiatus. Catch Davidson on the series when it returns this fall. In the meantime, you can keep up with him on Instagram to see what kind of wacky tattoo ideas the SNL star comes up with next.