Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson proud of Hillary Clinton tattoo

via Instagram/Pete Davidson
via Instagram/Pete Davidson /

Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live fame may have taken his support for Hillary Clinton a step too far by getting her tattooed, but at least it’s funny.

I’m all for supporting my preferred political candidates during election season… but I’m going to stop just short of brandishing said politician on my body for the rest of my life!

Apparently, Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live doesn’t agree. Not only did the comedian legitimately get a tattoo of Hillary Clinton on his body, he’s proud of it. And he’s openly showing it off on social media, clearly having no signs of regret for this interesting tattoo choice.

According to Deadline, Davidson recently had an image of Clinton tattooed on his leg, posting the results on his Instagram account. At this time, it’s the only image Davidson has posted, making it all the more peculiar. You can take a look at the post below.

Hopping online, Hillary herself seems amused by the whole thing, posting:

"“This makes it significantly less awkward that I’ve had a Pete Davidson tattoo for years.  But seriously, I’m honored. Merry Christmas my friend.”"

As we all know, Clinton wound up losing the presidential election in 2016 to Donald Trump. Although she did win the popular vote by a wide margin, she still technically lost the election. Perhaps it’s good for her to know she still has her fans willing to go to extremes to show just how much they support Mrs. Clinton.

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