Is Saturday Night Live on tonight, June 2nd, 2018?

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Will there be a new episode of Saturday Night Live premiering on NBC tonight? We have all of the information about tonight’s show right here.

We’ve made it to the end of the week. During Saturday Night Live season, that means the show would be gearing up for a new episode. It’s Saturday today, so will NBC be premiering a new episode on the network tonight?

Let’s get right to it, and it’s not pleasant news. SNL is not new tonight, nor will it be for a while. The season concluded in May and the show has gone on its summer hiatus. Tina Fey and Nicki Minaj closed out the season with an excellent finale, and we won’t be getting any more new episodes until the fall.

Tonight, there will be a repeat airing featuring the episode with Solo and music star Donald Glover. He would also serve as the musical guest under his hip hop alias Childish Gambino. For anyone who missed it, it was a great episode worth checking out, and for those that saw it, it may be worth watching it again. So we’re not completely without laughter tonight – just no new episode.

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Judging from the past history of the show, the next season is likely to premiere around the end of September or early October. From now until then, enjoy the repeat episodes and try to enjoy the summer. The series will no doubt pick up right where it left off once the summer is over!