Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump’s North Korea failures

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS /

The situation between the United States and North Korea is becoming rather embarassing for Donald Trump, as Stephen Colbert poked some fun at his blunders.

This North Korea situation is turning into a mess…

Recently, news has been swirling the headlines about the proposed summit with North Korea. With the idea of disarming North Korea of their nuclear weapons, Donald Trump is trying to arrive to some kind of a deal. If he succeeds, the achievement would be significant enough that even Trump himself hints it should net him the Nobel Peace Prize.

Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert took a look at what’s happening with the summit, which is becoming a mess. Kim Jong-un is threatening to cancel the summit for various reasons, including Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton saying North Korea must agree to a deal similar to Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi in 2004. “Well, that turned out okay for Gaddafi, right?” Colbert sarcastically asks, as Gaddafi was violently killed years ago.

Trump cannot even give people a date at this point, saying it could be, well, anytime. Who knows if and when it will, but that didn’t stop the White House from printing some commemorative coins featuring the North Korea summit. Colbert says they have to do the summit now, because you can’t get the deposit back for the coins now. The Late Show host takes a closer look at the coin to poke some more fun at it, joking that it shows Air Force One “escaping the Mueller probe.”

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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Who knows where this situation with North Korea will end up taking us? At least we can have a laugh over it with Colbert as there’s really not much else we can do. Tune in when The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS.