The Daily Show host Trevor Noah had a secret Black Panther cameo

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Most of the people who saw Black Panther don’t seem to realize that The Daily Show host Trevor Noah had a bit part in the record-smashing movie.

Chances are you’ve heard of that Black Panther movie that came out earlier this year. It proved to be a smash hit at the box office, raking in insane amounts of money from theaters all across the globe. Everyone knows the movie is a big hit, but what not everyone may realize is that Trevor Noah of The Daily Show has a cameo appearance!

As reported by cnet, while Noah doesn’t physically appear in the film, he does lend his voice acting talent. During the credits, Noah provides the voice of Griot, the virtual plane’s artificial intelligence system. “Griot” is a West African word meaning “storyteller,” and many characters in the film speak in Xhosa, a South African language. Noah himself is a South African, it should be noted.

Noah described the cameo as being extra special for him, as he understood Xhosa. While other actors may struggle with the pronunciation or subtitles, that wasn’t a problem for Noah. “There were subtitles, and I was like, ‘I don’t need your subtitles! I don’t need your subtitles! This is just for me right now! Nobody else listen! This reminds me of my mom,'” Noah admits.

A sequel to Black Panther is no doubt inevitable. Surely, Noah will be coming back if more services are required of him. He seems to have enjoyed the work he did on the first film, and I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to come back again for the sequel.

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You can watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah when it airs weeknights on Comedy Central. As for Black Panther, the film is now available to purchase on digital outlets and on DVD and Blu-ray.