Stephen Colbert says Donald Trump is killing the constitution

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS /

With Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress interfering with the FBI investigation, Stephen Colbert weighs in on this constitutional crisis.

Is Donald Trump’s meddling in his own investigation a constitutional crisis?

As we all know, Robert Mueller has been investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia for over a year. On Twitter, Trump has been very vocal every step of the way, often using the particular phrase, “witch hunt.” And although the investigation isn’t concluded yet, Trump is now taking steps to try and get it shut down through interference.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted that he was going to have the Department of Justice look into the investigation. “The president of the United States has ordered the people investigating him to investigate their investigation of him,” Colbert explains, putting it in a nutshell. Colbert jokes that to catch the criminal, Trump must become the criminal – only to realize Trump is already the criminal, so “we’re done here.”

The Late Show host brings up that many are calling this a constitutional crisis, but to that, Colbert isn’t quite as sure. That’s typically defined as one branch of government pushing against another branch. But that’s not exactly what’s happening in this case. Here, everyone is pushing in the same direction. “And it’s down,” Colbert jokes, “with a pillow over the constitution’s face, going, ‘Shh, shh. It’ll be over soon.'”

You can watch the full segment in the YouTube video below.

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Colbert will be following this story to see what happens next, and it really seems to get crazier by the day. We’ll have to see what he’ll have to say next about this ongoing story. For more, tune in when The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.

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