John Oliver reveals the major problems with drug rehab

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, courtesy of HBO
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, courtesy of HBO /

Drug rehab facilities seem like a good idea on paper for providing treatment for addicts, but as John Oliver reveals, they’re “dangerously unregulated.”

There’s something wrong with the drug rehab industry…

Last night on Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver dove into the subject of drug addiction, and the rehab facilities addicts attend seeking help. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, with thousands of centers (and even more addicts). But the scary thing about it is how there are virtually no regulations placed on the industry, with no federal standards for counseling services or rehab programs.

The problem, as Oliver points out, is how these rehab centers boast high “success” rates, as if attending their rehab is a quick fix. But it’s been revealed that there is approximately no evidence-based success to verify any of these claims, and it’s created a misconception that sending someone to a rehab will quickly and easily end their addictions. Tragically, there are too many people who leave home to attend these places only to wind up dead of an overdose.

The “success rates” these places claim are based only on self-reported data, and that in itself creates tons of issues. Typically, the data is collected through phone calls, by calling the former attendee and asking how they’re doing. But as one person points out, most addicts will simply lie and say they’re doing fine, when they’re actually back on drugs. While drug rehab may in fact help some users, it’s just the first step in a lifetime of recovery, and not the quick fix these centers’ commercials make them out to be.

You can watch the full segment in the YouTube video below.

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