Bill Maher is tired of Donald Trump being above the law

Real Time with Bill Maher, courtesy of HBO
Real Time with Bill Maher, courtesy of HBO /

Bill Maher took to Real Time to lament how President Donald Trump is above the law, getting away with many crimes the rest of us never could.

Donald Trump seems to be above the law, and Bill Maher is getting tired of it.

On last night’s new episode of Real Time, Maher touched on this subject as a part of his New Rules segment. He is destroying the myth that nobody is above the law in the United States, as one man clearly proves that isn’t the case. Of course, he’s talking about none other than President Donald Trump, and where do you even begin?

To start, Maher decries how Rudy Giuliani once said how the president cannot be subpoenaed. Of course, that was back when Bill Clinton was president. Now, Giulani’s tune has changed to say that Trump doesn’t have to serve a subpoena, because he’s the president. It’s funny how that works. “As Rudy’s three ex-wives can tell you, he’s not really good at being married to anything,” Maher quips.

Maher notes how many liberals claim that “the noose is tightening” with Trump, but that’s not actually what’s happening. Trump can resist arrest and ignore subpoenas, but imagine if any of us tried to do the same thing? Maher imagines a scenario of telling a cop you can’t pay a traffic ticket, because the traffic stop is a “witch hunt.” Let’s see how far we get trying some of Trump’s tricks…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can watch the segment in full in the YouTube clip below.

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Maher is off the air next week for a brief hiatus, but don’t fret. He’ll be back the following week on June 1 with Bernie Sanders to resume new episodes. Subsequent new episodes will air on HBO on Fridays at 10 p.m. EST.