Seth Meyers welcomes friend Andy Samberg back to NBC

Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers on Late Night with Seth Meyers, courtesy of
Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers on Late Night with Seth Meyers, courtesy of /

With NBC picking up Brooklyn Nine-Nine following Fox’s cancellation of the comedy series, Late Night’s Seth Meyers welcomed star Andy Samberg back home.

Fox axing Brooklyn Nine-Nine was perhaps a blessing in disguise.

Here lately, the Fox network has been booting many of its television shows, from The Exorcist to The Last Man on Earth. Arguably the biggest shock of all the cancelled shows is that of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, considering the popularity the show continues to have after five seasons. Fans were quick to raise up a storm when the news broke out, and collectively it was known that many, many people weren’t happy.

NBC essentially saved the day, as one day after Fox axed the show, NBC picked it up. Season 6 of the series will air on the new network, bringing star Andy Samberg back home. Of course, Samberg was a fan favorite on Saturday Night Live for many years, where he worked with fellow comedian Seth Meyers – now the host of Late Night.

Many Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are rejoicing about NBC saving the show. But it looks like Meyers is having a lot of fun with it as well. Taking to Twitter, the Late Night host welcomed his old pal back to the network with some good and bad news. While Meyers is happy to see Samberg back, he jokes that this means his former SNL colleague will now have to pony up money he owes in parking tickets to the network…

Really, NBC seems like a much better home for the Samberg series anyway. Something tells me it will thrive even more at its new home. We’ll have to wait and see.

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There’s no word yet on when Brooklyn Nine-Nine will officially debut on its new network. As for Meyers, you can catch him on late night TV every weeknight. Catch Late Night with Seth Meyers when it airs weeknights at 12:35 a.m. on NBC.