Seth Meyers shuts down Donald Trump winning Nobel Peace Prize

Photo: Late Night with Seth Meyers, courtesy of NBC
Photo: Late Night with Seth Meyers, courtesy of NBC /

Last night on Late Night, Seth Meyers completely shut down the notion put forward by Donald Trump supporters that Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize.

If you think Donald Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, Seth Meyers has a message for you.

Last night, Meyers took to Late Night on NBC to speak about this movement from Trump supporters calling for the president to win the coveted honor. It’s getting so much traction that Trump himself was asked about it, claiming that “everybody thinks so,” though he stopped short of saying he deserved the honor. So it was time for Meyers to take a good look at why this wouldn’t make any sense at all.

For starters, Seth takes a look at Trump’s CIA Director nominee Gina Haspel. This is a person who can’t admit that torturing detainees is morally wrong. When asked about if she would waterboard a suspect in her custody under orders from Trump, all she would say is that she didn’t believe Trump would ask her that. She must not have seen the clip of Trump saying he’d bring back waterboarding “and worse” upon getting elected into office.

Trump’s closest buddies like Rudy Giuliani are also talking about how they want to see a regime change in Iran. It all goes against claims he made during his campaign that he was an anti-war candidate, even criticizing the Iraq war and claiming he was against it. Now, Trump and his crones seem to be making the very same mistakes with Iran, potentially leading to more war… so, where does the Nobel Peace Prize factor into all of this?

You can watch this segment in the YouTube video below.

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Meyers has an excellent way of always putting things into a greater perspective. Though, it seems most of us beyond Trump’s biggest supporters can immediately see the flaws in giving him the Nobel Peace Prize. For more from Meyers, tune in when Late Night with Seth Meyers airs weeknights at 12:35 a.m. on NBC.