John Oliver ‘retires’ after big surprise from Russell Crowe

Last Week Tonight wiht John Oliver via HBO
Last Week Tonight wiht John Oliver via HBO /

John Oliver was so taken with what Russell Crowe has done for him in Australia that he feigned retirement to his audience, noting nothing could ever top it.

John Oliver doesn’t think he’ll ever achieve something greater than this.

On Oliver’s HBO series Last Week Tonight, the comedian told viewers about the final Blockbuster store located in Alaska. In an effort to keep it running, Oliver purchased some Russell Crowe movie memorabilia and donated the items to the store, so they could be displayed to help bring in business. It was an interesting story, and, of course, Crowe himself saw it.

Apparently touched by story, Crowe took it upon himself to help pay Oliver back. And on last night’s Last Week Tonight, Oliver revealed how Crowe did just that, and it’s not something any of us could have expected.

Taking to Twitter, Crowe told his followers he was planning on a good way to spend that money made from auctioning those items off. Citing Oliver’s love for Australia, Crowe was determined to make it something special. Finally, Crowe unveiled the surprise in a video from the Irwin family.

In the video, it’s revealed that a koala chlamydia ward is being named after Oliver. Called “The John Oliver Koala Chlamydia Ward,” it’s perhaps the greatest achievement Oliver has ever gotten. So much so, in fact, that the comedian feigns retirement, saying it’s time to pack everything up. As far as he’s concerned, nothing is ever going to top that for the rest of his career.

You can watch a video of this segment below.

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Fortunately, Oliver isn’t going anywhere for many years at least. HBO renewed the program last year through 2020, so he’s still just getting started. As always, tune in to new episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Sundays at 11 PM on HBO.