John Oliver shows how Rudy Giuliani has always been awful

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With so many people wondering “what happened” to Rudy Giuliani, John Oliver took to HBO to explain how nothing happened – he’s always been pretty terrible.

We just knew John Oliver was going to have something to say about this…

Last week, Rudy Giuliani replaced Michael Cohen as Donald Trump’s legal representation. It’s already proven to be embarrassing for the president, with Giulani contradicting things Trump has gone on record to say. Some people have been asking what went wrong with Giuliani, but if you ask Oliver, this is nothing new – Giuliani has always been awful.

On last night’s new episode of Last Week Tonight on HBO, Oliver spent the better part of 15 minutes taking down Giuliani. He starts with some of the bizarre things from Giulani’s early life, including the fact that his first marriage was to his second cousin. Giuliani would move on to announce his separation from another wife in a press conference, that he didn’t give his wife a heads up on – class act.

Oliver also goes into the political aspirations Giuliani has had, including a failed presidential run in 2008. Astonished, Oliver found it maddening how much Giuliani was using 9/11 to leverage his campaign. Among getting paid $200,000 per speech to talk about it, Giuliani even held a $9.11-per-person fundraiser. Unsurprisingly, the presidential hopeful ended his campaign with zero delegates.

In the end, Oliver determines that Giuliani is a perfect choice for Trump as they’re pretty much one in the same. He explains, “They’re both New Yorkers coasting on their reputations, they’ve both had three marriages, neither of them can shut up when in front of a camera, and perhaps most importantly, they both want to f**k Ivanka.” That’s certainly harsh enough, but Oliver adds that it’s “weird for Trump because Ivanka is in his family, and it’s weird for Giuliani because she isn’t.

You can watch the full segment in the YouTube video below.

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Such a brutal take down can’t sit well with Trump or his new legal representation. Did Trump make the right call in hiring Giuliani? I guess time will tell on that one. In the meantime, watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Sundays at 11 PM only on HBO.