A Quiet Place becomes A Kanye Place in hilarious SNL spoof

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Donald Glover stars in a new Saturday Night Live skit spoofing the hit horror film A Quiet Place by focusing on the antics of the controversial Kanye West.

Well this puts an interesting twist on the John Krasinski movie!

Last night on Saturday Night Live, Donald Glover killed it in his role as the celebrity guest host. Among many good sketches, the funniest of them all was one pitting Glover in the new film A Quiet Place. Judging from the title of the spoof, you already know where this is going…

In the film, humans must stay quiet to avoid being killed by sound-sensitive creatures. So in A Kanye Place, Glover is one of a group of people doing their best to stay completely silent to stay alive. However, Glover continues to check his phone as Kanye tweets, bringing him to whisper the crazy things Kanye is doing to the others in the group.

With the others reminding him that they need to stay silent to avoid the creatures, Glover goes on as the insanity doesn’t stop. The more he shows, the more his friends start getting upset by it as well. One man (Kenan Thompson) can’t help but yell, “Oh, come on, Kanye!” when he sees Kanye flashing a signed Make America Great Again cap — he’s promptly whisked away by the creatures. It gets harder to stay quiet as they go along and things just get crazier from there.

You can watch the skit in its entirety in the YouTube video below.

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The movie parodies on SNL are typically spot-on and this one was no exception. Certainly, Glover’s involvement made it that much better. But I’m guessing Kanye West might not share that same opinion. To tune in for more of SNL, catch the show Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC.