Monologue: Conan talks babies in Congress and Trump’s NASA nominee

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Conan O’Brien’s newest monologue pokes some fun at the new rule allowing babies on the Senate floor, Donald Trump’s nominee for NASA, and much more.

As always, Conan’s still got it!

On the newest episode of Conan on TBS, host Conan O’Brien kicked things off with a hilarious opening monologue. He begins by talking about the historic change made in Congress. Specifically, babies are now permitted on the Senate floor, which earns some applause from the studio audience. It gives Conan the chance to deliver this quip: “In the spirit of the new rules, today in the Senate, Orrin Hatch had his diaper changed.”

From there, O’Brien moves on to speaking about the NASA head nominee named by President Donald Trump. Apparently, Trump is going with a Republican congressman with no science background. “Or as that’s called in the Trump Administration, overqualified,” O’Brien jokes. Indeed, the choice isn’t surprising when compared to all of the other ill-fitting nominees the president has wanted to head various agencies and positions.

O’Brien dishes out plenty more jokes during the monologue. He touches on camping at Coachella, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski buying a share in a racehorse named after him, and a lot more. Courtesy of TBS, you can watch the full monologue in the YouTube video below. And don’t forget to watch the show when it airs on TV!

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O’Brien always has excellent monologues, delivered flawlessly after years of experience. If you’re not watching his show on TBS regularly, you ought to be. Conan airs weeknights at 11 p.m. EST.