Is Real Time with Bill Maher on tonight, April 20th, 2018?

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Will there be an all new episode of Real Time with Bill Maher premiering tonight on HBO? We have all of the info about the show right here!

Today is Friday, and not only that, it’s April 20th – the “stoner holiday” otherwise known as 4/20. I bring this up because Bill Maher of Real Time is a staunch advocate for marijuana legalization and an admitted pothead. Will he be taking the occasion off to sit at home all evening and smoke up, or will he be going to work for an all new episode of Real Time?

Here’s the good news. Maher will be back at work as usual tonight, so there will in fact be a new episode! It’s going to be an awesome Friday night, as every Friday night is that much better when we have new Maher to look forward to!

Maher’s roundtable guests have also been revealed by HBO. Michael Avenatti, Frank Bruni, Alex Wagner, and Jordan Peterson are all confirmed to appear on the show. They will be joining Maher for his biting discussion on what’s been happening in the United States and abroad, no doubt touching on the U.S. attack against Syria ordered by President Donald Trump.

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The truth is you never know exactly what Maher is going to say, so it’s best to check out every episode. Certainly, tonight should be as hilarious as always! Be sure to always tune in to Real Time with Bill Maher Friday nights at 10 PM EST, only on HBO.