Jimmy Kimmel has 3rd grader explain fake news to Donald Trump

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To explain things in terms the president can hopefully understand, Jimmy Kimmel hired a 3rd grader to explain the concept of fake news to Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump isn’t getting the message from adults, can he from a child?

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel spoke about how Trump finally broke his Twitter silence on Stormy Daniels. Referring to the composite sketch from Daniels of the man who had reportedly threatened her, Trump was quick to tweet that it was “fake news.” It’s one of the president’s go-to catch phrases, but as Kimmel questions, does he really understand what fake news actually is?

To help explain things more simply for the president, Kimmel hired a 3rd grade boy named Noah to spell things out. Noah breaks things down by defining the word “fake,” and adding that “fake news” is a news story that is intentionally fabricated. As an example, Noah mentions a fake news story about a man in Walmart who had a can of cinnamon rolls explode inside of his rectum. Despite being a completely bogus story, it wound up being shared on Facebook over 750,000 times!

To see Noah school Trump, you can watch this bit in the YouTube video below.

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Is this lesson from a 3rd grader enough to give Trump a bit more understanding about all of this so-called fake news? Let’s hope for the best, but more often than not, the president seems to only hear the things he wants to hear. As for Kimmel, catch him when new episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live air weeknights on ABC at 11:35 p.m. EST!