John Oliver is trying to save the last Blockbuster Video

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There’s only one Blockbuster Video location left, located in Alaska, and John Oliver is spending thousands of dollars trying to save it.

Blockbuster Video is almost completely dead… but not if John Oliver has anything to do about it!

Last night on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Oliver spent a lot of time speaking about the issues with American corporate taxes. Before closing out the show, however, Oliver moved on to informing viewers about the tragic status of Blockbuster, and how it’s down to a single operating store located in Alaska.

Determined not to let the store close down, Oliver has been spending money on random Russell Crowe movie memorabilia for the Blockbuster to keep on display. The idea is for these items to help the video store also serve as a museum in a manner similar to the Hard Rock Cafe. But their randomness certainly makes the whole thing a lot funnier.

Some of the items included are Crowe’s hood from Robin Hood and his robe and shorts from Cinderella Man. By far, however, the most intriguing prop Oliver bought for the Crowe showcase is the jockstrap the actor wore in Cinderella Man. Oliver spent about $7,000 on the item, and promised this along with every other prop to the manager of the Blockbuster store. Hopefully it will be enough to keep the chain alive!

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