SNL: Kate McKinnon is absolutely brilliant as Laura Ingraham

Saturday Night Live via NBC
Saturday Night Live via NBC /

Kate McKinnon killed it on Saturday Night Live when she appeared as Fox News personality Laura Ingraham in the wake of her boycott and fleeing sponsors.

This is exactly why Kate McKinnon is the best performer Saturday Night Live has to offer!

Before talking about the segment, let’s rewind for a moment. Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham found herself in some hot water lately after mocking Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. Ingraham took delight in Hogg’s rejections from various colleges, and her behavior only came across as bullying.

Due to the controversy, sponsors began pulling their ads from Ingraham’s show. She also took a “vacation” while this was going on, downplaying that there was any kind of real problem. But the many, many advertisers fleeing the program is not good news for her at all, which opened the door for SNL to nail her on Saturday’s show.

During the Weekend Update segment, Kate McKinnon made an appearance in character as Ingraham. After saying she was happy to return from her supposed planned vacation, Ingraham says she doesn’t care if she lost a couple sponsors. She says she has new sponsors, including such made up companies as Carl’s Sr. – which only serves leftovers from Carl’s Jr.

You can watch the full bit in the YouTube video below!

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Saturday Night Live will resume with new episodes next month beginning on May 5. Repeat episodes will air in their place until then. As for McKinnon as Ingraham, what are your thoughts? Let us hear about it in the comments section!