Cardi B reveals baby bump on Saturday Night Live (Video)

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Cardi B confirmed the rumors of her pregnancy officially by revealing to the world for the first time her baby bump during her Saturday Night Live set.

The rumors are confirmed… Cardi B is pregnant!

In recent weeks, rumors about “Bodak Yellow” singer Cardi B being pregnant have been swirling. Of course, the singer herself had yet to officially confirm she’s expecting. Well, after appearing on last night’s new episode of Saturday Night Live on NBC, there’s no longer any reason to wonder!

When Cardi B first performed, she did her big hit “Bodak Yellow” while wearing an outfit which obscured her stomach. That would probably have only fueled speculation even further until she did her second song. In a different outfit, the singer showed the crowd (and everyone watching on TV) her baby bump, eliciting an excited reaction from the studio audience.

In a day and age with paparazzi hiding in every nook and cranny, keeping secrets like this can be super tough for celebrities. Despite the rumors, Cardi B was able to leave people wondering until showing off her baby bump herself on last night’s show. It was a special moment and an excellent way for her to make the news official!

If you missed it live, you can capture the moment for yourself in the YouTube video below.

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This all just goes to show you never know what can happen on live television. For more from Saturday Night Live, you can catch new episodes each Saturday night at 11:30 PM EST on NBC.